Collaboration with Calle Engene, Ola Göransson & Max Modesto Wallin


Namaka Studio (Own company)
My role
  • Interaction design
  • Visual design

Get insights into the Swedish estate market


A group of talented developers came with a raw idea on exploring what can be done with an API for estate sales. At the heart of the concept, a heat map that would show the price in kr/m2 to get an overview of the popularity of the different areas in a city.

After looking at different APIs, Calle and his team decided for Booli’s. Seeing what could be done with that was key to this project, whose time frame was a rough 1.5 months for everything to be done and released to the iOS app store.

The app, being in its embryo stage, needed interaction design to get things started in how to organize the first implementation steps. I made some quick wireframing and rough sketches to get things started, while the developers started to build the app and I worked on the UI